In Memory of:
"Big Rich": Master Joseph Richard Williams
Passed Through Transition Winter 2001
Past Spiritual Guardian of The Gnostic Order of Christ
Oikia Agape: (oy-kee'-ah + ag-ah'-pay) Santa Cruz, CA
The Family Love

Big RichMaster Joseph Richard "Big Rich" Williams was the founder of Nightwatch, a street ministry in San Jose, Ca that served the homeless and was one of the founders The Gnostic Order of Christ. He served as Spiritual Guardian of the Board of Directors of the GOC from 1988 - 2001. He was a former student of Father Paul and Master Timothy in the early years of the Holy Order of MANS. Big Rich received his Teaching Mantle on Jan 23,1999. He named his ministry: Oikos Agape: Family of Love.

His ministry was to the homeless and to those of the street. "Big Rich" was a disabled Vietnam War Veteran, a condition which kept him from ever holding a regular job. He was a member of AA for 31 years.

"Big Rich" and his wife Edith and their five children moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. when prices for housing escalated in San Jose beyond their reach. In Santa Cruz, "Big Rich" and his family lived the life of the homeless traveling from one motel to another. He and his wife counseled other homeless persons and did street ministry with youth. Over the years they served many and brought numerous people to God and a new Life through their street ministry.

e was a great inspiration to all he knew and contacted. He never lost faith. He preached of the Love and Light of God, Jesus Christ and Mary and of the Universal Love of God for all mankind.

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