The Gnostic Order of Christ
Purpose, Tenets, Strivings, Code


Purpose of Order

The Gnostic Order of Christ was incorporated October 21, 1988 to provide a vehicle for the ordination of priests and teachers, for the perpetuation of Ancient and New Teachings in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and for the purpose of establishing a vehicle of service into the world, under the Mantle of the Order of the Holy Cross, our heavenly counterpart, After the Order of Melchizedek...

The term Gnostic means gnosis or knowledge and shall have no other definition. It is used to in this context in respect for the progenitors of the Gnostic Christian spiritual path, describing those who seek enlightenment through knowledge, obtained by the disciplines of meditation, contemplation, devotion, prayer, obedience to God and service to Humanity.

We accept all those of like mind, who have a calling to live a life of service, and who are dedicated to the search for truth.

To provide an environment, atmosphere and structure for those individuals called to such a commitment who agree with our precepts, principles, tenets, and laws.

An order extended to men and women to perpetuate the oneness, wholeness, completeness, and spontaneity of the Self as created by God through the Holy Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

To provide a means for all to learn of the ancient teachings, the Christian mysteries, humanities, philosophy, religion, sociology, etc. in a setting devoted to the expression of the higher aspects of the God Self.

To provide training for those called to The Priesthood After The Order of Melchizadec.

To alleviate ignorance, superstition and fear, and teach peace, understanding and love through the universal law of love as stated by Jesus Christ in his teachings.

To establish a permanent priesthood in which all vows are taken to God, that each man and woman may be free of obligation to any one soul or earthly entity, allowing the individual to live in eternal union with the Holy Spirit.


1. We accept that ALL Religions are Pathways to God.

2. We accept that all individuals are divinely created and have the ability to receive spiritual guidance and direction directly from God with out the aid or assistance of another.

3. We accept that Sacred Rituals are a means of worship and an avenue through which one may experience God.

4. We accept Jesus Christ as a Mediator of the Universal Christ Consciousness and as a Great Teacher who lived for the benefit of all mankind.

5. We accept the Great Christ, also called the Christos, and that the Light of God is present in Holy Communion.

6. We accept that ordination by the laying on of hands is the passing of a lineage, inclusive of the passing of a tradition and teaching, from one to another, and that all men and women of any faith may receive such ordination if living within the Spirit of the Priesthood as defined by the lives of Jesus Christ and Buddha.

7. We accept that understanding of the Universal Laws, and obedience of them in right action brings enlightenment and true freedom.

8. We accept that each person, male or female, is a manifestation of God androgynous in the Self and that the energies so named are manifested in both sexes equally at the core of being, both energies divinely ordained and originated, and that the Fall of Eve story is an allegory describing the fall of an ego from its union with God.

9. We accept that the God Self of each person contains both aspects of the active and receptive forces commonly referred to as the male and female principles by the Esoteric Schools, and that they are neither bad nor good. They exist, neither greater or lesser than the other, neither being able to exist without the other, and that obedience to the Higher Self directs those energies into good.

10. We accept and honor the Bible and all Great Religious Books as "Sacred Literature". We accept that the spiritual teachings of these books are revealed by the Holy Spirit for the guidance of all individuals and the world. We seek out the Spiritual Principles contained within all Sacred Writings and recognize that the foundation of these works is based in the principles of Loving God First and in Loving Our Neighbors as Ourselves. We honor All Paths.

11. We accept the Gnostic, Apocryphal, and Ancient texts as Sacred Literature as well, and encourage the study of these for the enlightenment of mankind. We do not accept these books as historical, although some historical knowledge is therein contained. We accept the Bible as an allegory to the spiritual journey of an individual and as a legendary explanation of creation on the story level.


We strive to follow the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ:

1. Matthew 22:37
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

2. Matthew 22:39:
Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself.

3. We strive to live the Ten Commandments

1. To have no other gods before the one God of All.
2. To not make anything a graven image.
3. To not take the name of God in vain.
4. To remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
5. To honor our fathers and mothers.
6. To preserve life.
7. To respect the vows of another.
8. To respect what belongs to another.
9. To not bear false witness against our neighbors.
10. To not covet our neighbors wealth.

4. Matthew Chapter 5:16:
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

5. Matthew 25:35-46

1. Feed the hungry
2. Clothe the naked
3. Visit the sick
4. House the homeless.
5. Visit those in prison.

6. Live and teach the truth through daily practice of our spiritual discipline.

Strivings of the Daily Spiritual Practice

1. I strive to serve God by serving mankind.

2. I strive to seek true spiritual unity with others.

3. I strive to replace jealousy, anger, and strife, with love, patience and understanding.

4. I strive to hold no prejudices and accept all beings as equal.

5. I strive to speak and do only that which will give light, life, and love.

6. I strive to be obedient to the God within and without through the vows of humility, obedience, purity, poverty, service, harmlessness and generosity.

7. I strive for spiritual wisdom and understanding through the daily practice of prayer, meditation, contemplation and retrospection.

8. I strive for moderation in all my desires.

9. I strive to contribute to the Enlightenment of the Children of Earth spiritually, morally, and materially through my activity in the greater community.

10. I strive to preserve all that is sacred to the fullness of my understanding.

Code of Membership and Association

1. A person is ordained forever.

2. A member of the order who wishes to leave may do so at anytime.

3. A member of the order who wishes to return may do so at anytime.

4. A member in spiritual difficulty will be treated with respect and prayed for.

5. At no time will a member tell someone what to do; rather, he will assist the other in finding the answer from within the individual's own being.

6. At no time will a member require obedience from another member.

7. All vows will be taken to God.

[All Priests ordained through the Gnostic Order of Christ promise the following at their ordination: Do you promise that you will never vow any being to thyself or to any Earthly Order, and that all vows delivered by you to another individual will be given to the Godself within Under the Mantle of the Order of the Holy Cross, and do you understand that the vows which we take are vows of obedience to the God Self only, and that as a Priest you do not have the right to interfere with or inhibit the free choices made by another, and do you promise to protect this Right of Freedom, knowing it is our Divine Birthright,to the utmost of your ability? The Ordinand answers: I do!]

8. Each member will discern their own life work.

9. If the circumstance arises, in which the problem of a member interferes with the workings of the order, the member will be asked to live apart from the other members, but this action must have the consensus of three other members, and the individual will be assigned a spiritual brother or sister to be his counselor until such time as the matter is resolved, if the individual so desires.

10. All members will live in accordance with the laws of the country in which they reside.

*The above Code was written and approved by Rt.Rev.Timothy Harris,R.O., Rt.Rev.Marian Carter,IHSM, Bishop Nathan Colvin and Rt. Rev, Jessika Lucas, R.O.,IHSM and seven other priests and teachers ordained After the Order of Melchizedec through the Holy Order of MANS,circa 1985, at San Jose, CA, prior to the incorporation of The Gnostic Order of Christ.

Any questions may be addressed to: Master Timothy Harris at

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