Strivings of the Daily Spiritual Practice


1. I strive to serve God by serving mankind.

2. I strive to seek true spiritual unity with others.

3. I strive to replace jealousy, anger, and strife, with love, patience and understanding.

4. I strive to hold no prejudices and accept all beings as equal.

5. I strive to speak and do only that which will give light, life, and love.

6. I strive to be obedient to the God within and without through the vows of humility, obedience, purity, poverty, service, harmlessness and generosity.

7. I strive for spiritual wisdom and understanding through the daily practice of prayer, meditation, contemplation and retrospection.

8. I strive for moderation in all my desires.

9. I strive to contribute to the Enlightenment of the Children of Earth spiritually, morally, and materially through my activity in the greater community.

10. I strive to preserve all that is sacred to the fullness of my understanding.

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