The Six Spiritual Practices

Our Spiritual Practice is The Way:
The Way is Our Spiritual Practice

Practice of The Way is basically defined by
The Six Spiritual Practices

Key to the Chart

The upward pointing triangle signifies spiritual practices for understanding more about our relationship to God and the universe through intentional activities that open us to greater understanding and awareness; these practices result in a greater connection to the spiritual.

Loving Devotion: We actively seek to know the great wisdom and the heart essence of All Faiths from within our own beings in ardent dedication to our path and God through our spiritual practice.

Meditation: We meditate to quiet our minds, focus our thoughts and become aware of the presence of peace, love, and compassion in our lives.

Prayer: We pray to hold others in the unconditional love of God and ask for blessings for ourselves and others.

The downward pointing triangle represents spiritual practices for advancing our conscious awareness of what we have received from God that we may activate what we have received in the world and so be a cause of benefit in the world.

Retrospection: We perform retrospection to examine our own thoughts and actions objectively in the light of spiritual teachings and to perceive the good intent and heart of all concerned.

Contemplation: We contemplate and strive to maintain concentration on the sacred as a constant in private devotion and study to maintain our awareness of God's being and presence in every moment of our daily lives.

Loving Action: We strive to act in accordance with the highest understanding we have received for the benefit of all.

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